Welcome to The Jackson Consulting Group interactive website and blog. You’re going to get interesting, funny and thought-provoking examples of strategic planning – from a very unique viewpoint. We believe that strategic planning can be relevant everywhere. We want to prove it by connecting; sharing ideas and helping others change the world, one plan at a time. No matter your position – student, executive, minister, housewife, dog catcher, crime fighter, snake milker, mime, or even unemployed – planning is everything.

You’ll see our Hump-Day Headline, where there’ll be a post on the most interesting strategic planning news bite of the week – from our perspective of course! We’ll feature TGIF, a weekly post highlighting weekend activities, getaways and entertainment, cause the BEST planners plan to relax! In the meantime I will post various stories, quotes, thoughts, comics, profiles of Business Ninjas – firms that are killin’ the competition – and other unique perspectives on strategic planning. I did mention this was interactive – we’d love to get your thoughts, feelings and feedback on posted material – as well as what you want to see discussed or featured in the future.

So add us to your Feed, “Like” us on Facebook, and pass along to your friends and colleagues one great blog. We’ll at least try to make it more interesting than standing in line at the DMV (which may be quite interesting depending on the location…).

So until we meet again, remember…

Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything.


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