About Jackson CG

The Jackson Consulting Group is an elite strategic consulting company specializing in Strategy Mentoring, Research & Analysis, Strategic Planning and Education Consulting. We collaborate with clients to create intelligent plans to pursue organizational/personal excellence. We value clients that value quality planning and a focused, yet adaptable, approach to opportunity. We utilize the tried and true methods of communication, collaboration, and compassionate focus to surpass expectations; it’s the way Good Business should be!

Founder Maurice Jackson has proven that when a passion for business economics blends with a healthy zeal for people, you can find the best parts of service and capability. With nearly a decade of strategic planning experience, and thorough knowledge of economics, Maurice has tailored his educational and professional expertise to meet with a keen ability to relate to and understand people. This dichotomy has given Maurice the “competitor’s” edge; in an industry that can become stagnant and filled with lifeless numbers, Maurice uses his interpersonal skills to learn about his clients to reach their needs.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the esteemed Andrew Young School at Georgia State University, Maurice has studied under some of the most bright and well-regarded economic professors in the industry. The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies is ranked 27th out of 269 schools in the U.S. for their excellence in Economics and Policy studies. These accolades coupled with his professional experience makes Maurice and The Jackson Consulting Group one of the most regarded in the city of Atlanta.



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