Consulting Services

We don’t just advise; we consult! We live by the motto, “Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything.” We do more than just write a plan for your company to follow; we implement and execute with you. We walk with you through every step of the planning process with our signature services: 

“Ascential” Economics | “The Blueprint”: Our extensive research network study trends in supply and demand, economic turns, and a host of other economic data in your specific industry. We keep track of the data to monitor and project future changes in the market to ensure you have the Essentials to Ascend.

 Competition Monitoring | “The Hawk Eye”: We use researched data to map out what your competitors and other like businesses are doing. We look at what works, what circles they are working in, and how we can make you a premier service provider for their clientele. Our Competitive Intelligence and focus on client-improved conditions are key components to ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

 Strategic Mentoring | “The Sixth Man”: This provides a hands-on executive training for your staff to learn the necessary skills to monitor and anticipate changes in the industry. More intense than the aforementioned Competition Monitoring, “The Sixth Man” offers an Executive confidant and strategist to provide insight, advice and continual planning, with a special focus on implementation and accountability.


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