For this weeks’ TGIF, there is an aurora of love and unity. With the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, most cities are having family friendly festivities all weekend. There will be numerous memorial services and vigils in pretty much every city in this country. In Atlanta, GA, Kem, the Beach Boys and Travis Tritt will all be holding concerts this weekend. There will also be the Heroes Music Festival – “Rock and Remembrance,” an all day event to be held September 11 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Artists include 7th Time Down, Ashes Remain and Building 429. For more info on all of these events and more, click here.  Are you ready for some football??? A Monday night (and Sunday, and Thursday) party! The lockout put some of us on edge for a moment, but alas, Football is here! Some of the big matchups included last night’s season opener, the victorious Green Bay over New Orleans. Also look out for some big Week 1 divisional matchups – Pittsburg at Baltimore, 1:00 pm on CBS and the NY Giants at the Washington Redskins, 4:15 pm on Fox. Monday night’s double header includes New England at Miami, 7:00 pm and Oakland at Denver, 10:15 pm. For those that must get away, there are still travel deals to Las Vegas and Cancun through and The question now is how will YOU spend the weekend? What are YOU doing to commemorate the 9/11 10th anniversary? Who’s YOUR favorite team? Let us know what you are doing this weekend, send photos or links to your favorite activities this weekend. Whatever it is you do this weekend, do it with Love and in Unity! Those lost in the 9/11 attacks would want the same thing. TGIF!!!


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