Humpday Headlines

This week, Humpday Headlines features some interesting bits. We can begin with the proposed Jobs Plan by President Obama. This is a $447 Billion plan that really has some good proposals in it. A $4,000 tax credit for businesses, a tax cut for workers, tax increases for the wealthy, and a plan to modernize the transportation infrastructure that made America king. These are all great plans, but financing this plan is what will be the issue in coming months. Republicans are adamant about lowering debt, and this plan would obviously increase it, albeit for a short time. Republicans also are fed up with Obama’s Administration, effectively making any negotiations difficult. But what’s important here is that America gets back to work and can effectively compete in the future. The aspects of the plan that addresses these two issues will be the most difficult to compromise on: a new tax code and increased spending on public education. Obama does have a track record for coming up with ambitious, “out of the box” ideas, but he also has a track record of watering down those ideas in order to “reach across the aisle.” Let’s just hope that this Jobs Plan actually helps who it’s supposed to; unemployed Americans.

In other news this week, there seems to be a face-off in the computing world as both Microsoft and Google are launching new Operating Systems (OS). Microsoft has unveiled its new Windows 8, so far well received, equipped with all new display features and apps. Windows 8 has been developed primarily for PC and Tablet markets. Google, on the other hand has excelled with the Android, taking the smartphone and tablet market by storm. They try once again with the new Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS. This is a big step for Google, as they have been attempting to break into the PC market. If the Ice Cream Sandwich OS does well in the tablet market, it will open doors to the PC market, which Microsoft reigns supreme. This will be one rivalry to watch. has revealed its admiration for the quick ascension of Netflix, Inc. The online retailer is thinking of adding a new Netflix-like rental service for books. If the idea impresses publishers, this could be available by next year. has completely dominated the online retail market and this will be another notch under its belt. It’s too bad Borders, Inc. didn’t think of this. Let’s hope does better with customer loyalty than Netflix, Inc did.

In other book news, popular textbook company McGraw-Hill will split and spin-off its education division. McGraw-Hill will focus on its more lucrative business information unit, which includes Standard & Poor’s, financial information provider Capital IQ, and energy information provider Platts. Executives claim that the move will cut costs and lift the company’s stock price. This seems to be a great move for the company, but education takes a serious blow when McGraw-Hill doesn’t even have faith in it anymore.

Finally, I end this weeks’ Headlines with news from our backyard, Atlanta, GA. Popular morning radio show host, DJ, journalist and philanthropist Frank Ski will host the grand opening of his new restaurant, Frank Ski’s Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Atlanta this weekend. If you are looking for an elegant atmosphere, great fried Snapper and a cellar of wine choices, check out his new spot.

Now, we would appreciate your input, we can’t be the only ones with opinions on these topics. Anyone in Atlanta headed to Frank Ski’s? Does anyone have the new Windows 8 or contemplating the Ice Cream Sandwich? Would you rent books from Amazon? And what are your thoughts on the Jobs Plan proposed by Obama? Your thoughts and ideas are very much appreciated. Until next time remember: Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything.



For this weeks’ TGIF, there is an aurora of love and unity. With the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, most cities are having family friendly festivities all weekend. There will be numerous memorial services and vigils in pretty much every city in this country. In Atlanta, GA, Kem, the Beach Boys and Travis Tritt will all be holding concerts this weekend. There will also be the Heroes Music Festival – “Rock and Remembrance,” an all day event to be held September 11 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Artists include 7th Time Down, Ashes Remain and Building 429. For more info on all of these events and more, click here.  Are you ready for some football??? A Monday night (and Sunday, and Thursday) party! The lockout put some of us on edge for a moment, but alas, Football is here! Some of the big matchups included last night’s season opener, the victorious Green Bay over New Orleans. Also look out for some big Week 1 divisional matchups – Pittsburg at Baltimore, 1:00 pm on CBS and the NY Giants at the Washington Redskins, 4:15 pm on Fox. Monday night’s double header includes New England at Miami, 7:00 pm and Oakland at Denver, 10:15 pm. For those that must get away, there are still travel deals to Las Vegas and Cancun through and The question now is how will YOU spend the weekend? What are YOU doing to commemorate the 9/11 10th anniversary? Who’s YOUR favorite team? Let us know what you are doing this weekend, send photos or links to your favorite activities this weekend. Whatever it is you do this weekend, do it with Love and in Unity! Those lost in the 9/11 attacks would want the same thing. TGIF!!!

Hump Day Headlines

The time has come to begin our Hump Day Headlines series. We try to find out who’s planning what, and how those plans affect the world. We plow thru the week’s top stories, and pull out a few interesting ones to tell you about. Here are some interesting stories from the week:

MoviePass, Inc. has announced that it will roll out an “all-you-can-watch” movie plan for $50. Last time they tried this, movie theatres said they wouldn’t support it because it discounts theater tickets.  Now that MoviePass, Inc. has partnered with Hollywood Movie Money, which provides promotional movie tickets, theaters just may get full prices for their tickets. The theaters need to support something; Hulu, Netflix, RedBox, and Groupon are shaking their money tree and collecting all the leaves.

Chicagois looking to bring home a new Playboy Club, complete with Playboy Bunnies. The club will feature a very high-end, exclusive restaurant and lounge. It will be open to the public, but will have VIP memberships for access to VIP areas and exclusive events. There are other clubs operating inLas Vegas,Macao, andCancun; all of which are connected to casinos.  This club should think about hiring George Clooney and P. Diddy as advisors.

Facebook is planning to add a series of photo filters to its mobile app in coming months. These photo filters are similar to those of Instagram, a popular photo-sharing site. The filters create effects on photos, like the old-style camera lenses and grainy film. What’s funny is that Facebook tried to buy Instagram, couldn’t, and then came out with an app like theirs. Aaahhh, growth!

For the good people inAtlanta, MTV Networks is looking to bring a business unit to your area. This could provide about 200 jobs. Time Warner, Inc. is looking into the area too, so keep your eyes openAtlanta. It is definitely becoming the “New Hollywood.”

And last, but not least, the Philadelphia Eagles are planning on keeping Michael Vick for awhile, as he signed a six-year, $100 million dollar contract this week. What does this mean for the Eagles? For the NFC?  Give us your opinion. Is Atlantathe New Hollywood? Will Instagram outlast Facebook’s “upgrade?” Does anyone even care about Playboy anymore? And will you pay $50 (per month?) to go see as many movies as you want? We want to hear from you.


Until next time, remember:

Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything.

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The following examples show how businesses have used strategic alliances to help their companies save money.

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TGIF: Need Fun???

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on much of the Eastern Coast of the U.S. and evacuations are being suggested from North Carolina up to New Jersey, now’s a great time for this weeks’ TGIF. There are quite a few things going on around the country and around the world for these good people to do. In my backyard, Atlanta, GA, the weekend gets kicked off with the Atlanta Comedy Jam at the Apache Café tonight. Doors open at 8:00 pm, show starts at 9:00pm. Saturday features the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival in Atlanta’s Grant Park. With two large Artist Markets, two stages of live music, plenty to eat and drink and special areas for kids, Summer Shade offers a fun way to enjoy the last days of summer. This is an all day event; from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Sunday features 2 concerts for Atlantans. Morehouse College will host the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Concert and Tribute, featuring Eddie Levert, Dennis Edwards and Johnny Gill. Show begins at 7:30 pm. Also, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow will be performing at the Lakewood Amphitheatre; show begins at 7:00 pm. There are a host of other artists on tour right now all across the country. Britney Spears, Lil’ Wayne, Taylor Swift, and others are in a city near you, click here for other tours and ticket info. It is Week 3 in the NFL Preseason and teams are gearing up for the start of the regular season. And for those looking for a retreat, especially from Irene, and have weekend deals to Las Vegas, NV and Cancun, Mexico. How do YOU plan to spend the weekend? Relaxing on the beach or traveling to the city? Taking in a concert or curling up with a good book? Let us know what’s on your agenda. Better yet, let’s help the good folks evacuating from Irene’s grasp. Whats going on in your city this weekend? Let’s hope no one ends up being this guy:


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